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Our Workshops

A series of 3 workshops

Workshops are run all over the UK

Through practical demonstrations, discussions, hands on learning and course handouts, these workshops cover a variety of topics, from practical ways in which the dog can help your child’s development, to selecting the right dog for your family.

The workshops cover:

  • Questions you might have about owning a pet dog
  • How dogs can help a child with autism
  • Selecting the right dog to live with a child with autism
  • Options for finding a suitable pet dog
  • Things to think about when training a dog
  • Selecting an appropriate training club/trainer
  • Dog welfare and equipment needs

Parents will attend a series of three one day workshops over a period of three months.

These new workshops are available to families nationwide. We are grateful  to Dogs Trust who have provided a number of the venues.

Long-term support available

Following the workshops, the PAWS team will offer ongoing support to families, through a variety of media, from telephone support to an online forum and family support network.

Am I eligible to attend the workshops?

These workshops are open to parents of children aged between 3-16 years, with a clinical diagnosis of autism.

Parents are welcome whether they already have a pet dog or not.

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